Visiting our shop you will find traditional quality products


The Balsamico is linked to the Modena area since the 14th century and it is unbelievable how the production processes have almost never changed over time, handed down from generation to generation, from year to year, from a “rabbocco” (the act of filling wooden barrels of successively smaller sizes) to the following.

Balsamico Cupido Rosso

who we are

Acetaia Angelo is a family farm specialized in the production of balsamic condiments, cherries, artisan jam and wine with secondary fermentation in the bottle.


The hospitality of a family-run farm and the desire to face new challenges definitely characterize us. Our products are made with first-choice ingredients and they reflect our commitment to following the traditional recipes handed down through generations with a hint of innovation.


We follow the whole production process "from the vineyard to the bottle".
Over the years we have always tried to offer something genuine and delicious to our visitors, conveying the passion for our land, Emilia, and whetting their appetite with our productions.


The place where we produce our vinegar is characterised by a wooden structure which keeps a pleasant temperature, warm in winter and cool in summer, and let us best welcome you while preserving the environment, too. The room dedicated to the vinegar maturation process in the barrels and the cellar where the grape must is cooked are behind the shop and always open for visits.

The Acetaia is surrounded by a beautiful cherry orchard.  



In our shop you can find several types of high-quality Artisan Balsamic, but also our jams with a high fruit content, Parmigiano Reggiano from the mountains and other local products. Everything can be tasted!

In the summer months we sell cherries and seasonal fruit on the porch.