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“Adone Gold Intense” is a balsamic condiment matured in 10-year-old oak barrels of successively smaller sizes. Moderate density and aftertaste. It is characterised by a slightly acetic taste. The only ingredients are acetified grape must and our aged wine vinegar.


SKU: A100G
  • Adone Gold Intense - 100 ml

    Balsamic condiment

    Taste: slightly acetic balsamic

    Characteristics of the “Adone” collection: moderate density and aftertaste.

    Ingredients: acetified cooked grape must, aged wine vinegar

    Used grapes: Lambrusco Grasparossa from our production

    No dyes or preservatives, no artificial flavourings or thickeners.

    No added sulphites, gluten free.

    Uses: perfect with meat, roast, steak, roast beef, fish, crustaceans, cooked and raw vegetables, salads, eggs, risotto, Tortelli with ricotta or pumpkin, Parmigiano Reggiano, ice cream, strawberries, fruit salads, generally with all raw preparations.

    It is part of the “Adone” collection of balsamic condiments matured in 10-year-old oak barrels of successively smaller sizes.

    “Adone” might present a slight sediment which is a sign of its artisanship.

    Maximum recommended storage 10 years (in cool dry place)

    Hand bottled

    The entire processing of the product is carried out in our farm

    Produced with our grapes.

    Product Code: A100G

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