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SABA - 250 ml

"Saba" is fresh grape must, cooked for days and days. It has no acidity but has a sweetness comparable to honey. It is characterized by a very accentuated sugar tone that recalls the taste of grapes. It is ideal on white yogurt for breakfast, on fruit salads or on ice cream.

SABA - 250 ml

SKU: SA250
  • Saba


    Taste: extra sweet, fruity aftertaste of grape

    Characteristics: extremely dense and creamy.

    Ingredients: cooked grape must.

    No dyes or preservatives, no artificial flavourings or thickeners.

    No added sulphites and gluten free.

    Uses: perfect with strawberries, ice cream, fresh fruit, cream, white yogurt, ricotta, pecorino, in small doses on game. Our Saba is not stabilized nor pasteurized, it simply follows the traditional recipe, it is produced by cooking the fresh grape must over a direct flame. In case sugar crystalizes, especially at the bottom, you just need to leave the bottle at bain-marie for few minutes with its cap open in order to let the product melt.

    Maximum recommended storage 10 years in the fridge.

    It can be stored also out of the fridge in a cool dry place.

    Hand bottled.

    The entire processing of the product is carried out in our farm.

    Produced with our grapes.

    Product Code: SA250




    Energy (kcal): 330

    Energy (kJ): 1 385

    Edible Part (%): 100

    Proteins (g): 1,5

    Lipids (g): 0

    Cholesterol (mg): 0

    Available carbohydrates (g): 86,5

    Starch (g): 0

    Soluble sugars (g): 86,5

    Total fibre (g): 0

    Alcohol (g): 0


    Botanical species used: Vitis vinifera

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