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Our mild and sweet, sparkling red wine is pleasant on the palate and full of dark ruby-red bubbles, rustic and full-bodied as it used to be.


SKU: L750A
  • Sparkling Red Wine - 750 ml

    Mild and sweet

    Produced as it used to be, with 1st fermentation in steel tanks and 2nd fermentation in the bottle.

    Taste: full-bodied, robust, pleasantly sparkling, rustic, mild and sweet.

    Colour: intense ruby-red with violet nuances.

    Service temperature: 10-12 C°

    Alcohol content: 11% vol

    Food pairings: perfect with first courses of the Emilia kitchen, cold cuts, hard cheeses, Parmigiano Reggiano, meat, tagliatelle with ragù, tortelloni with ricotta or pumpkin, tigelle and gnocco fritto (two typical kinds of bread of Modena).

    Used grapes: red grape

    Produced with our grapes

    What does “with second fermentation in the bottle” mean?

    The wine carries out a 1st fermentation in the steel tanks from October to March, then we bottle it at the end of winter with its sugars not completely fermented, we seal the bottle with its cap and we wait for the nature to take its course. In the spring, around April-May, the 2nd fermentation occurring directly in the bottle makes the first bubbles show up. In June the wine is perfectly ready with its sparkling feature to be drunk. So with this “ancestral” technique the bottle is used not only to preserve the wine but also to produce it!

    Another curiosity is that each bottle is different from the others so that the wine can be more or less sparkling.

    Advantages of this technique: the wine has an extremely full-bodied taste and an amazing perfume.

    Disadvantages: just open, some wine could get out of the bottle due to its sparkling property, you need to have your glasses at hand and drink it fresh.

    Ingredients: vinified grape must

    It contains sulphites.

    The product maintains its original organoleptic characteristics 3 years.

    Cap: crown cap

    Store in a cool dry place.

    Do not drink during pregnancy. Do not give to children under 18 years.

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